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Hotel management systems just got easier. Simplify online bookings, handle your properties, and tap into new markets with your new web, mobile or desktop app. You bring the guests, we handle the tech.

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Why build your own hospitality management software?

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Delivering a good guest experience involves managing your business effectively. Smart hotels are embracing software to make this easier. Our no-code solution lets you quickly create apps that work for your business needs. Describe your ideal hotel property management system (PMS) and we’ll do the rest. What will you create?

What can I build?

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That’s up to you! What will simplify YOUR hotel operations the most? It could be a booking app designed for iOS or Android. A website or Progressive Web App (PWA) for guest relations. Even a front of house desktop application for macOS or Windows. Our process is fast, simple and cost-effective.

Hotel booking software you’ll love

You’ll make more sales with a streamlined booking system. Your customers’ experience begins with their booking – make it relaxing. It’s all powered by a booking engine that makes it easy for you to stay on top of reservation management. And real-time updates mean you’ll never have to deal with overbooked rooms again.

A front desk that does it all

Your guests contact the front desk if they have any queries. A hotel PMS means your staff have access to everything they might need at their fingertips – things like making a dinner reservation, room service updates or house cleaning schedules. Every step of your hotel operation is accessible from your app.

Make it easy for your guests to spend more

A simple payment system will make more sales! Your app’s integrated point of sale means guests can pay anywhere within your hotel – or charge everything to their room. All the payment providers you’d expect are supported. And a payment gateway makes the whole process effortless to run.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Your CRM is connected to your app and it tracks everything about your guests: room information, on-premise purchases and notes that staff have made. Staff members can quickly view this from any connected desktop, web or mobile device. Your app will suggest upsell opportunities and automatically order inventory as stock is used up.

Hotel billing software you can rely on

You work with a range of suppliers and manage a lot of employees. Say goodbye to mistakes with bespoke software for hotel accounting. It makes it easy to send, track and manage invoices. Keep your suppliers happy with scheduled regular payments. Enable automatic alerts for outstanding guest bills. Why not make your life easier?

Property management system

Fill your empty rooms with bespoke hotel property management software. You don’t have to manually update your available rooms on 100+ sites. Your app connects up with the most popular distribution channels and keeps your availability current. Channel management has never been this simple.

How to build a hotel management app?

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We use an AI-first approach that lets us deliver your app faster and more cost effectively than our competitors. We realised that around 500 features make up about 80% of all software –  we coded these as reusable Lego-like blocks. Our team of experts manage the entire process so you can be sure your software works exactly as you envision. 


Smart hotel dashboard

See how your business is doing at a glance. Your dashboard makes it easy to track KPIs and identify areas of improvement. Your AI can alert you to trends that humans wouldn’t notice.

Happy customers

Whether you’re a big player in the hotel industry or a little bed and breakfast, you want to deliver a relaxing and enjoyable guest experience. Your app makes that easy.

Reputation management

People are talking about your hotel all over the internet. Collect and respond to all this guest feedback in one convenient location.

Housekeeping hotel solutions

Organising housekeeping is no easy task. Your software makes it easy to optimise the cleaning schedule to maximise the rooms available and deliver a better guest experience.

Revenue management

All your ingoings and outgoings are easily visible. Each entry is linked with your CRM so you can quickly access all relevant details.

Connect with your guests

Send your guests friendly reminders about reservations and upcoming events with push notifications. They’re also a handy way to promote your special offers and deals.

Guaranteed price upfront

The price we say is the price you pay. We’ll calculate your price at the start of the project and lock it in. Your price never goes up – if it’s done quicker, you pay less.

The platform you need

Your hotel management system software needs to work across your business. Web, desktop and mobile support ensure your services are accessible anywhere.

Why work with us?

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Our no-code app building platform lets us deliver your app faster and more cost effective. The entire process is transparent, you get a fixed price and delivery date upfront. We offer you more than just software. So what exactly do you get?

Take your app for a test drive

Builder Now is our free prototyping tool. It’s the easy way to create clickable mockups of your hotel software. It takes less than 10 minutes and you’ll see exactly how your product is going to look and behave. Experiment with the flow of your app and share it with friends, customers or investors for feedback.

Build your dream software with our no-code app builder

Builder Studio is where your idea comes to life. It’s as easy as ordering pizza. Choose a base – the most similar app to your idea. Then add the toppings – features – you’d like. The entire process is simple and you don’t need any tech skills. And our team is always available if you’d like some help.

Confusing cloud bills are a thing of the past

Builder Cloud gives you one account that lets you run your hotel PMS app on any public cloud – AWS, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure to name a few. Our prepaid cloud wallet makes it easy to forecast your spend and plan accordingly. Last year our clients saved $4.5 million!

Software that never goes out of date

Studio One is our aftercare service. It ensures your hospitality software continues to work flawlessly. No one wants bugs and errors. When OS updates come out we review the code for any potential conflicts. And our intelligent monitoring system alerts us to any potential issues before they affect your app.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is hotel management software?

It’s a tech solution that makes it easy for hotels to manage bookings, front desk, billings, and much more. The hotel industry uses this software because it helps them increase efficiency, deliver a better guest experience and reduces their workload.

2. What systems do hotels use?

There are many solutions available but they’re not designed for your business. Custom hospitality software is tailor-made for you, so everything works perfectly.

3. How does the hotel management system work?

Every hotel has slightly different needs so it will vary. In short, it creates one central location that makes it easy to track and control the entire operation: bookings, room status, housekeeping schedules and billing.

4. How to develop a hotel management system?

Start by identifying any processes you think are inefficient. Create an app to solve that specific problem. Or create an outline of your dream software and work with us to create it. You don’t need to add everything at the start. You can always add extra features later.

5. What are the benefits of hotel management software?

Every day customers expect better service. Mistakes and oversights that would once have been accepted are now grounds for a bad review. Hotels that embrace software solutions prevent mistakes and can swiftly respond to any that are unavoidable.

6. What does hotel management software include?

Common management features include billing, property, front end, booking and sales channels. The exact implementation will vary depending on hotel needs.

7. How much does hotel management app development cost?

The complexity of your idea will decide the price. We can give you an accurate price and delivery date upfront because we use an AI-powered approach. Check out our guide to mobile app development costs if you’d like to learn more.

8. Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, debit card, PayPal & bank transfer. 

(Payment methods are country-specific and some may be unavailable in your country.)

9. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is upfront and guaranteed. The only additional costs you might have to pay are to third party payment processors or delivery providers.

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