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Rural Kerala was not a good place to get sick. With doctors few and far between, patients could not get the support and medicine they desperately needed. We worked with Qure to provide patients with instant access to expert healthcare advice and prescriptions wherever they were.

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Rural Kerala was not a good place to get sick. 80% of doctors in India work in urban areas despite 72% of the population living in rural ones.

With doctors few and far between, receiving and refilling prescriptions was a difficult task even at the best of times.

To say the people there needed help is a massive understatement. That’s why the team behind Qure approached us: to help them bring an unprecedented level of access to healthcare for the 24 million people living in rural Kerala.


We worked with the team behind Qure to build a platform that connects patients, pharmacies, and doctors in a single place.

Patients in rural Kerala can now connect digitally with their nearest doctors for instant healthcare advice and prescriptions. All this information is added to a secure vault with every patient’s medical history.

Through the platform, doctors can diagnose remotely over video chat and prescribe medication which is delivered directly to patients homes or their local pharmacies.

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An app like

Doximity, Netmeds, My Dentist


18 features

Creating an Unprecedented Level of Access to Healthcare.

Delivered in the height of Covid-19, the Qure app helped people to get the vital healthcare access and life-saving prescriptions they needed without having to leave their homes.

Some of the features used

API Integration

₹ 14,602.87

Integrate another piece of software with the product so they 'talk' to each other by automatically sending and receiving data. You can then use or make the data and software available to users. Example: Using Google Maps API to help users find their location.



₹ 23,604.24

Users can check-in when they've arrived at a location, or edit their location. Useful for finding friends, or letting businesses know when potential customers are nearby.

QR Codes

Roles & Permissions

₹ 28,257.31

Set different levels of access and permissions. You can then control what users see and do inside the product.

API integration


A list of common settings for the product. These are: Change password, deactivate account, edit profile.

Order status

Push notifications

₹ 21,120.82

Send notifications that users can receive and see - even when they’re not inside your product. Useful for getting users to login, and for giving them important, relevant and new information.



₹ 21,621.55

See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity.



₹ 28,359.97

A system for accepting and processing credit/debit payments, with transaction histories and payment status. Users add their card details, giving them control and making purchases simpler and faster.


Keyword Search

₹ 25,362.53

Give users suggested words and phrases to start their search. Helps them find what they need faster, and can also guide them to specific items of content.


Order Detail View

₹ 15,292.11

Displays a summary of order details. Choose elements such as customer ID, order status, shipment status, product name, size, price.

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