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AWS Snowball


Cirrus store huge chunks of data every day – physically on hard disks and tapes. But this causes a lot of issues, it takes longer to transfer data, recovery is tricky, there are security concerns – plus it costs more. They needed an easily accessible, reliable storage solution.


15TB of data. That’s how much we helped Cirrus Media migrate to AWS cloud and such huge volumes called for AWS Snowball. Snowball is fast, simple and secure – and a fifth of the cost of transferring data over high-speed internet.

Our help

Huge volumes of data (including videos) moved without any worries about maintenance. Cirrus made big savings and access was simple – with 99.99% availability. Selecting different services to archive data (e.g. Infrequent Access and Glacier), allowed us to offer them even bigger savings. Encryption made their data more secure too.

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