C-DIT (KITE Project)

Kerala government’s classroom tool for teachers and students
EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront


Samagra delivers digital classroom content to more than 45,000 smart classrooms in Kerala. And if the system worked, an audience of 160,000 teachers 3,700,000 students, plus their parents and government officials.


It made sense for this massive amount of data to live in the cloud. We worked with Amazon Web Services to find a mix of solutions that meant users didn’t have to wait for images, even during peak school hours, plus they had unlimited storage. Elastic Load Balancing let us spread traffic to make things even more efficient. And all their data was secure.

Our help

Server response time improved by 60%. Loading a page used to take 16 seconds now it’s 6.1 seconds. Load time also improved by 43%. Today, Samagra has over 100,000 teachers registered in it and an average data transfer of 10TB a month. It’s been so successful that’s expected to go beyond 25TB, every month.

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