Why We're Proud to Partner With Talentful

It's 2019 and we’re in high growth mode here at Builder. Across our global offices in Los Angeles, London and New Delhi, we’re making the most of scalable software development and cloud management. We're crafting a team of the most passionate leaders in technology and we're elated to share our growth with the world.

Thankfully, we’re not doing it alone.

Considering the pace of growth of Builder.ai, we’re grateful to have partners to ensure we scale in the most optimal, authentic way possible. Like we mentioned before, we're like a technology-propelled rocket ship and we're looking for astronauts.Indeed, we’re expanding in London, and we need a team to make our office shine.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Talentful to help us find the rockstars we need to change the world one bespoke software solution at a time. Talenful believes that talented people can achieve anything if they’re matched with the right culture and team. We believe anyone with an idea and a dream should be able to build it without breaking the bank.

We’re both on a mission to unleash human potential. Just think of the amazing things we can achieve together.What makes Talentful more special than other talent acquisition teams, you ask? Easy. Talentful works in-house with its partners to develop organizations from the inside. They focus on the big picture, because that’s how teams and companies achieve sustainable growth.

And what good is growth if it’s not sustainable?Builder generated $24mn in revenue in 2018. It's not just profitability we're after, though. We're focused on growth that works for our employees, clients and partners.We want to continue to grow so that we can help everyone build their dreams, affordably, and whether they know how to code or not.

With Talentful along for the ride, we know we’re on the right course for a star-studded future.Join us! Find out what we’re looking for here and our (global) updated job openings via our careers page here. And stay tuned to updates from across our global offices. Like our recent update from our Los Angeles office including our recent additions and why joining us is a highly rewarding career move.

Image thanks to Rawpixel.com.

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