Builder Keeps the Miles Davis Legacy Alive

Miles Davis was a true musical innovator with a singular vision. A tireless explorer of the outer reaches of the possibilities of jazz, he was never satisfied to rest in the comfort zone of what he - or anyone else - had done before. He continued, until his death, to constantly innovate. To confidently move forward, and to eternally be the best he could be. At the same time, both in life and after his death, he was and remains the undisputed definition of, “Cool.”As a role model both for our birth and for our continuing journey into the future, could hardly do better than to emulate the creative spark and improvisational genius of Davis. Miles Davis was never interested in trends or the established norm, and neither are we. We aim for the target that can’t be seen because it doesn’t yet exist. We set goals that don’t fit into the molds or barriers that contain and restrict the minds of so many others. We strive constantly to create something unprecedented and to bring passionate, enthusiastic dreamers into the mainstream of technology creation.

Our partnership

Birth of Cool entrance

It’s this symmetry of purpose that makes’s role in presenting the World Premiere of Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool a no-brainer. In partnership with Firelight Media, Open Society Foundation, and Color of Change, was a principal sponsor of TENx10 at Sundance 2019 as well as at the upcoming South-By-Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, TX.Stanley Nelson’s newest Sundance film premiere, Birth of the Cool is described by the LA Times as, “a thoughtful and involving examination of the tempestuous life and brilliant music of the legendary Davis.” TENx10 at Sundance was a celebration of both Nelson’s film and Davis’ music.

It drew a crowd of over 400 and included a musical tribute to Davis by Miles Electric Band along with a special performance by Bilal. Following the premiere and concert, guests danced through the night at an afterparty curated by NY’s Latinx DJ collective, A Party Called Rosie Perez led by Firelight’s own Loira Limbal aka DJ Laylo along with DJs Sucio Smash and Christian Martir.

We're thrilled to share a vision of becoming our most successful selves and Miles Davis are a natural pairing. Drawing from a career spanning five decades, Davis’ legacy is lasting and prolific. He’s the best at what he did. To be the best at what we do is the driving force behind the Builder Generation. It’s the driving force behind To be our brazenly most confident and successful selves is to be our best selves. It’s the example set by Miles Davis and the reason why we form such a great partnership.The Builder Generation are innovators. The Builder Generation are trailblazers.

The Builder Generation aren’t restricted by what was or by the way things “should” be. Miles Davis’ trumpet was the instrument with which he redefined the musical world. With, the Builder Generation can create their own instrument.They can build it to their own specifications. With, the Builder Generation can use that instrument redefine their own corner of the universe. And, like Miles Davis, they can leave behind a legacy for multiple generations to come.It all starts with a vision.Top image thanks to Rolling Stone, who compiled a list of their favorite 15 Miles Davis albums.

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