How do I build a wearable app?

Use our simple drag and drop interface to create your wearable app on our site. Or chat through what you need with our product experts. Either way, you’ll get a wearable app that works with Wear OS by Google or watchOS by Apple, or both, fast.

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What is a wearable app?
what is wear OS

This is the software that powers an electronic device that can be worn as accessories (like a watch), implanted under your skin or embedded in clothing. Want to let your users tap payments with their watch using Apple Pay, or find their way around without having to reach for their phone, track their fitness or their sleep? You need to build a wearable.

How big are wearables?
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GlobalData’s recent report suggests that the industry will double by 2023. Yearly revenue from wearable technology is set to rise from $23 billion in 2018 to $54 billion in 2023. So as bandwagons go, it’s one worth leaping on. And it’s not just watches, ‘hearables’ are the latest wearable (worn in your ear) to make headlines using Alexa and Siri technology.

Why choose us to build your wearable app?
What is wear OS

The way we assemble apps makes it cheaper, faster and more specialised – so it’s perfect for newer technology like wearables. We’ve found that 500 features make up 60% of all software so we code these features first and then you pick and choose the ones you want in your wearable. Then these are customised by specialist developers from around the world (they’re all rigorously tested and selected by AI). And that’s how we can do what seems impossible – build your wearable app faster, cheaper and to a higher quality.

Do you need to build your wearable for Android and iOS?
Why build wear os app with us

The Builder Studio platform is endlessly flexible so you can build for just Android users or only Apple users if you like. But obviously, if your app works on Android and iOS you won’t limit your customer base. We only build native apps, so you’ll get the best functionality for your wearable app. A native app just means we’ll build yours in the specific coding language designed for Android and a different one for iOS – as well as working quicker and looking better, your app will work offline too.

Can I add wearable notifications as an extra feature?
What is wear OS

And even if yours isn’t a wearable only app, letting your users get notifications on their wrist for example, makes yours a much more attractive app. You can build your app for mobile (iOS or Android or both) and then once you’re happy, add wearable notifications. Chat to our experts about all your options. And build your wearable app today!

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