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Generate a free QR code to support your business or marketing needs, whether you’re an online store, independent cafe, scaling startup or large enterprise.

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One-click QR codes QR code generator allows you to create QR codes for any business. Generate QR codes effortlessly without creating an account or paying a dime for using our QR code generator.

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What types of QR codes you can generate



It allows your users to send predefined emails to your email ID.



Get user to call you after scanning your QR code.



Allows user to send predefined messages on your mobile number.



Sends users to your given website URL, landing page or forms.

Here’s how our QR code generator works

Generate your QR code in 4 easy steps with QR code generator for free

1. Select the QR code type

With’s QR code generator, you can create your own QR codes for various categories like URL, vCard, SMS, Email and Call. Choose one as per your need and proceed further. This is essential to ensure your users seamless experience while scanning your QR codes on their devices.

A form to generate QR code depicting email fields to generate QR code having preformatted email

2. Enter the QR code details

Our QR code generator converts your inputs – such as contact phone numbers, email addresses and website URLs – into scannable QR codes. We encourage you to provide the most accurate information for the selected category to prevent technical issues.

A download button on a QR code generator depicting download formats like SVG, PNG, JPG and PDF

3. Generate QR code

When you've checked your data is correct, hit the generate QR code button. If you accidentally hit the button, don’t worry. You can regenerate it again for free.

A button to generate a QR code on a QR code generator page

4. Download your QR code

Now, your QR code is ready to be downloaded onto your device for free. We encourage you to test your downloaded QR codes to ensure it works as desired.

A QR code type selector on a QR code generator depicting Email, Call, SMS and URL as an option

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How do I generate a QR code?

You can generate QR codes by using Google Chrome or a dedicated tool. In Chrome desktop, go to the address bar of your chosen URL > hit "share" icon (left of bookmark star) > hit QR code > hit download. With a generator, choose data type > enter content (e.g. URL > Hit "create QR code").

Can I generate a QR code for free?

Whether you use Google Chrome or a generator, your QR code will generally be free. However, some free platforms include ads in their free QR codes, meaning you have to pay to remove them. This isn't the case for's free QR code generator, which is ad-free.

What is a QR code generator?

A QR code generator is a tool that automates the process of creating QR codes. They help organisations of all shapes and sizes drive better results—whether they’re a healthcare provider tracking patient data, an enterprise managing its supply chain, or a charity promoting a campaign.

How do you use a free QR code generator?

To use a QR code generator, simply choose your data type (e.g. phone number, SMS, URL, plaintext) > input the desired content into the generator > hit "create QR code". Your QR code will be ready in 10 seconds or less.

What is the best free QR code generator?

The best free QR code generators on the market right now are: 1 - | 2 - QR Code Generator | 3 - Beaconstac 4 - QR Code Monkey | 5 - Shopify | 6 - Wix | 7 - Scanova | 8 - The QR Code Generator | 9 - GoQR | 10 - TEC-IT