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Meet the features that’ll grow your practice

Have a read of the essential features for all you need to set up for bookings, virtual consultations, online prescriptions and manage your practice onlinestore – in as little as 2 weeks.

Storefront - your practice

Medical storefront

Expert guidance

You’ll work with one of our experts to customise your store from the ground up – adding your branding, products and setting up all your integrations. They make it all simple.

Professional theme – your branding

Give your patients the best online consultation experience – our design team created the optimal layout to move them through your online practice. Make it your own by adding your banners, logo, colors, fonts.

Service catalogue

Display all your services (doctors, specialities, services) and availability, your patients can use our advanced search, filter and sort to quickly find what they want. Your admin panel gives you total control of these filters and your specialists can manage their own calendar.

Patient experience

Social login

Social logins

Patients can easily login with their Facebook or Google accounts to use your sites without needing to create an account.

Appointment management

Appointment management

Patients can search by specialty, see reviews and pick the right doctor to treat their problem. They can view doctors' availability, book appointments and upload relevant information about their symptoms and case history. (Patients book, reschedule or cancel their own appointments).



These can be performed face to face or via audio or video calls based on your patients’ and doctors’ preferences. Once patients choose their preferred medium, doctors have the choice of accepting or rejecting appointments.

online payment

Online payments

Payment integrations let you accept multiple card payments, including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express – the minute you launch your practice.

Customer reviews


Make it simple for your patients to leave star ratings and detailed reviews of doctors, services. By adding trust this way, you can improve patient satisfaction.

Practice management

Booking management

Booking management

Doctors have full flexibility to choose their own consultation times, and days when they are available. Every doctor has an online diary, as part of their profile, to manage their consulting schedules.

Patient interactions

Patient interactions

Before a consultation, doctors can see patient symptoms and case history. Afterwards they can share digital prescriptions for medicines and tests – available for patients to download 24/7.



See all your revenues and consultations in one place. Analyse and gain insight into your practice's growth. Our simple dashboard helps you make the right decisions for your medical practice.

Marketing & customer engagement

Marketing engagement

Social media

Connect your social media accounts, and share your expertise, specialities and services on social media – encouraging more engagement and awareness.


Easily create discounts and offers with our coupon code generator. Share these links and codes over social media or by promoting them on your website.


Use pre-designed email templates to engage and communicate with your customers. You can customize their design and decide what they say.

Push notifications

Use push notifications to create a message or offer and select who you want to get it ('20% off your first consultation’). Build stronger patient relationships with push notifications.

Technical support

Technical support

24/7 support

We’re here for you every step of the way. Your technical expert oversees the building of your app and adds all your branding to it. Then, they help you get your website live or app onto the app stores. After it’s live, Studio One keeps your app running smoothly, forever. 

Hosting included

All apps need to pay a hosting fee to live on the internet. So your app includes $50 on a Cloud Wallet every month (this covers about 300 users per month). If you need more, it’s easy to top your Cloud Wallet up – this helps you control the cost.