Start selling jewellery online in 2 weeks

Sell jewellery online, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more with your own ecommerce store.

A sleek and modern online jewellery store webpage displays trending products like a golden pearls bracelet and a stackable diamond ring, creating an appealing shopping experience for potential customers.A sleek and modern online jewellery store webpage displays trending products like a golden pearls bracelet and a stackable diamond ring, creating an appealing shopping experience for potential customers.

All-in-one jewellery selling solution

Pre-packaged websites and apps. Onboarding support. Free hosting and maintenance.


Cost effective

Pay in fixed monthly instalments. No revenue sharing schemes or transaction fees.


Quick launch

Get your online jewellery store live and start selling online in 2 weeks.

End-to-end jewellery selling solution

Create your online store. Market it to potential customers. Sell jewellery online. Build loyalty.

Start your online jewellery selling business with ease

Creating an online store doesn’t have to be complicated. With Studio Store, you get everything you need to start selling jewellery online, including websites and Android and iOS apps. You also get step-by-step guidance, while customer support is always on hand to help.

A hand holding the phone displaying a jewellery shopping app product screen.

Effortlessly promote your store

With Studio Store, you can take advantage of marketing channels like SEO, social media selling and email marketing, enabling you to reach (and sell to) a wider audience.

A salesperson standing in a jewellery retail store

Encourage customer loyalty

With our platform, you have complete ownership of customer data and relationships, unlike marketplaces. Our user-friendly dashboards give valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours, helping you boost customer retention.

Studio Store sales dashboard displayed on a tablet screen

Here’s how to build your online jewellery gallery

Build your store in 4 easy steps and sell jewellery fast.

Build your own online jewellery store

Choose the design, add your logo and promotional banners, and get ready to launch your branded store.

Jewellery ecommerce store web page for desktop screen
Jewellery ecommerce store product category page highlighting an image upload form

Showcase your products

Upload all your product information including descriptions, sizes, images, pricing, quantity and more.

Go live quickly

Get your online jewellery website and app in 2 weeks.

A sleek and modern online jewellery store webpage showcasing both mobile and desktop versions.
A person holding a smartphone is standing in a jewellery retail store, with the StorePlus logo and a sales graph displayed in the foreground.

Grow your business

Add bonus features with StorePlus to meet emerging customer needs.

Key features

Create a memorable brand and grow online sales with these essential ecommerce features.


Select from tons of themes and colour options to get the aesthetic of your online jewellery shop just right, and provide a consistent experience for customers no matter where they interact with your brand. You can also strategically place promotional banners and move elements of your homepage around to increase conversions.

Studio store dashboard highlighting a jewellery store theme in editor mode.


Make inventory management easy by bulk uploading products to your online jewellery store and tagging products to specific categories and brands. You can also include a range of product variants, categorising them by size, colour, type, material and more.

Studio Store dashboard highlighting product inventory.

Customer engagement & marketing

Stay in touch with your customers by using our ready-to-go email templates or chat live to quickly answer any questions. Plus, you can give special offers to loyal customers and run seasonal campaigns with the help of promo codes and app notifications.

Studio Store dashboard highlighting email template editor.

Reporting & dashboards

Review order and customer info in real time and compare it to past sales data to see how you're doing this season. Plus, with our Google Tag Manager, you can track what customers are doing on your site, gathering info on their behaviour and using it for remarketing campaigns.

Studio Store sales dashboard highlighting a sales graph.

Brands selling with Studio Store


A salon supply store, selling both the equipment and products hair professionals need.

BStore desktop app

Otis Jaxon

A jewellery store, stocking earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings necklaces and more.

Otis Jaxon desktop app

Divya Gaatha

A craft store specialising in ethnic apparel, homeware and hand-crafted goods.

Divya Gaatha desktop app


A baby clothing retailer that also stocks a variety of nuts, including roasted makhanas.

Momzlv desktop app


An ecommerce store, stocking everything from clothing and electronics to masala.

Andikart desktop app

Rare Earth

An all-vegan store, stocking sweets, groceries, snacks and cleaning products.

Rare earth desktop app


A discount store offering electronics like mobiles and smart watches at bargain prices.

Deals91 desktop app

Fresh ‘z’ Food

A grocery delivery store stocking health-focused items like tea, masala and more.

Fresh ‘z’ Food desktop app

Your questions answered

How do you sell jewellery online?

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To sell jewellery online, follow these steps:

  1. Build an online presence - create a website and app, or use an online marketplace to showcase your jewellery
  2. Take high-quality images - professional photographs of your jewellery and engaging displays them will help your pieces sell
  3. Provide detailed descriptions - include information about the type of jewellery you’re selling, including the materials you use and the inspiration behind each piece
  4. Set reasonable prices - research the market and decide the value of your pieces
  5. Promote your jewellery - use social media, email marketing and collaborations to reach a wider audience
  6. Enable secure online transactions - use trusted payment gateways and order fulfilment methods
  7. Engage with customers - respond and resolve queries promptly
  8. Get feedback - encourage satisfied customers to review your products

How do you start an online jewellery business?

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To start an online jewellery business in Studio Store, all you need to do is choose the design of your online store, add your logo and promotional banners and upload all your product information including:

  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Pricing
  • Quantity

Then you’re ready to launch!

What are the benefits of selling jewellery online?

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With your own online store, you can expand your customer base and allow your customers to buy your products whenever they want, removing the need for a physical storefront. What’s more, with data and insights into your customers' preferences, you can create targeted marketing campaigns to increase repeat business.

What are the different ways to sell jewellery online?

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There are several ways to sell jewellery online, including:

  • Creating your own online store
  • Selling on online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay
  • Using social media platforms to sell your jewellery directly to your customers
  • Collaborating with online jewellery retailers that curate and sell pieces from different designers
  • Submit your pieces to specialist online auctions