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Welcome to the Cloud One! The entire team extends our heartfelt welcome to you. Our mission is to empower and enhance your cloud journey with Builder Cloud, providing scalable, innovative, and effective solutions custom-tailored to your specific needs.

No matter the size or maturity of your organization - whether you're a burgeoning start-up, or a well-established enterprise, our versatile, comprehensive cloud services are meticulously designed and continually refined to meet and exceed your expectations.

To aid in navigating your journey with us, we've compiled this essential document to outline one of our critical processes – the Bill Shifting Process. This procedure involves transitioning the billing responsibility from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Our goal is to make this process as user-friendly and transparent as possible.

This document breaks down the Bill Shifting Process into two scenarios - for users with no linked AWS accounts and for those who have linked accounts. We've crafted these distinct pathways to accommodate the diverse array of configurations that our users may have, ensuring that everyone has a clear, step-by-step guide that aligns with their particular setup.

We'd like to express our gratitude for entrusting your cloud journey to We're committed to providing exemplary service, and we eagerly look forward to fulfilling and surpassing your cloud needs.


To initiate the bill shifting process, please follow the outlined steps:

  1. Clear all outstanding debts with AWS

  2. Before initiating the bill shift, it's essential to settle any pending debts or defaults with AWS. This ensures financial integrity and promotes a smooth transition. Without taking this step, we may not be able to migrate your account from AWS.

  3. initiates the billing shift

  4. Upon receipt of confirmation that there are no outstanding AWS dues, will start the bill shifting process through their internal system.

  5. AWS billing access is withdrawn

  6. After the shift request is submitted, you will no longer have direct access to AWS bills, ensuring all future billing will be handled by

  7. Receive a confirmation email from

  8. A confirmation request will be sent to your email from, signaling the commencement of the bill shifting process.

  9. Accept the bill shifting request

  10. Upon receiving the email, you'll need to confirm the request, marking your consent for the transition of billing responsibilities to

  11. Transition of AWS usage billing

Once the request is accepted, all future AWS usage will be billed through


If you have linked accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Clear any AWS dues

  2. Similar to the unlinked accounts process, all outstanding debts must be cleared before the billing shift process can begin.

  3. Delink your AWS accounts

  4. Each linked account should be separated, ensuring each one has an independent Master Account.

  5. Provide AWS Master Account details

  6. Share relevant details of the Master Accounts and their corresponding email identification with

  7. initiates the billing shift

  8. Similar to the previous process, will request the billing shift through their system.

  9. Receive the request through email

  10. A confirmation email will be sent from for all linked accounts.

  11. Accept the bill shifting request

  12. Upon receiving the email, confirm the request to start the shift for each linked account.

  13. Billing for AWS usage is transitioned

Once confirmed, all future AWS usage charges for those accounts will be billed through

Welcome aboard!

Last Updated: June 2023.