Retail glossary - Retail terminology you need to know

This retail glossary compiles the most commonly used terms you need to know while running a retail business. Whether you’re just starting a retail business or already running one, this comprehensive A-Z retail glossary is specifically designed to help you understand key retail concepts and cut through jargon. Bookmark this page to use it as your go-to resource, as we constantly update it.

  • Click and CollectClick and collect is a convenient shopping model that enables customers to purchase products online and conveniently collect them from a physical store location.
  • Contactless paymentsContactless payment is a secure and wireless way to complete transactions without physically inserting credit or debit cards into payment terminals.
  • DeadstockDeadstock refers to unsold products that remain in inventory, often unused or untouched for an extended period, including items that are out of season, discontinued or no longer in demand.
  • e-tailingE-tailing, also known as electronic retailing or e-retailing, is the process of selling online through digital channels like websites and apps.
  • Mobile paymentsMobile payments allow you to make secure transactions from your mobile device via near-field communication (NFC) technology, instead of using cash or card.