Business glossary - Business terminology you need to know

This business glossary compiles the most commonly used terms you need to know in the world of business. Whether you’re just starting your own business or already running one, this comprehensive A-Z business glossary is specifically designed to demystify the key business terminologies and cut through jargon. Bookmark this page to use it as your go-to resource, as we constantly update it.

  • AssetsBusiness assets are resources owned or controlled by a company that hold economic value and contribute to its operations and future earnings.
  • Break-even pointThe break-even point is the stage at which a business's total revenue equals its total expenses and is widely considered as a precursor to profitability.
  • Bridging loanBridge financing is a temporary short-term financing to cover the gap between selling old property and purchasing a new property.
  • Cash flowCash flow is the net movement of money into and out of business from operations, investments and financing activities. Cash flow provides insights into the company’s financial viability and ability to grow.
  • MarginsDiscover the significance of margins in business profitability. From gross to net margins, learn how they impact growth and financial success. Read more.
  • Product market fitProduct-market fit refers to a scenario in which a product perfectly meets the needs of a specific market, thus creating strong demand and ensuring long-term success.
  • Vendor Lock-inVendor lock-in is a situation where you’re trapped in using a specific company's products or services, making it challenging for you to switch to alternatives.