Sell online with this award-winning ecommerce kit & avoid unnecessary fees

Premium ecommerce app & website package

  • Get selling quickly and easily
  • Keep all your profits - we charge no seller fees
  • No lock-ins - you own the software & code 
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Calculate your savings by ditching marketplace fees

Marketplaces and other software builders eat a huge chunk of your profits with their transaction fees. You don't need to pay that. Let customers order directly from your app and make big savings. 

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Marketplace fees

Your savings
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Savings are calculated using an average listing fee, charge per order and payment fee, charged by the most popular marketplaces.

Award-winning apps

Studio Store apps won ‘Best COVID-19 Innovation for Recovery’ at CogX 2020 and at The Europas 2020, we won Hottest AI Startup'.

CogX awards budge
CogX awards budge
A better shopping experience

Showcase what you’re selling in a beautiful catalogue – a scrollable carousel makes it a pleasure for customers. Analytics and machine learning figure out which products your customers want and display tailored recommendations that make you more sales.

Generate repeat sales and customer loyalty

Online marketplaces won’t give you access to all the valuable customer insights you’ll get from your own app. But with Builder.ai, after 2 years the app is yours. Use all that valuable data to send relevant push notifications with promos they’ll enjoy. Send a little love back to your customers and reward them for introducing their friends to your shop. Incentivise them to leave reviews with money off next time and you’ll encourage return visits too.

How it works in 4 simple steps

Kick-off call

Discuss your idea, your branding and pay a refundable deposit.

Track progress

Simple dashboard shows your app progress. You can chat with our experts anytime.

Launch app

2 weeks after the kick-off call your app and website are launched.

Keep it fresh

Your app is constantly kept up to date thanks to our maintenance and cloud. This enables your business to grow.