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Build a social networking website like Facebook or Linkedin without writing code. Creating yours is easy, fast and cost-effective with us. Build it now!

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Why build your social network with us?

Getting your social networking website developed is as easy as ordering pizza. That’s because we don’t develop your website from scratch but assemble it using human-assisted AI. Our AI works in sync with human talent from across the globe and creates your social networking website by stacking reusable features (things like Facebook login, chat and payment gateways) like building blocks. So you get your social networking website developed at a third of the cost and double the speed.

Here’s why you should build your social network with us 

Instant prototype: Get your website prototype in 10 minutes or less. Builder Now, our instant app prototyping tool, lets you create your networking website prototype without any technical expertise. It’s simple and no cost is involved. Try it for free now!

Powerful website builder: Build like a pro. Builder Studio, our no-code website builder lets you build websites without writing code or having any technical skills at all. It’s simple, fast and cost-effective. Start building your social network today.

Go responsive: A website or PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are considered to be the best choice for an MVP. A Minimum Viable Product is a basic version of your website used to test your idea in the market. You’ll want to build a fully responsive website or web apps that work flawlessly on any devices and adjust according to the screen size of each device.  

Unlimited customisation: Start with a social networking website template similar to your idea and customise it however you like. Start with a template or get something completely custom – designed and developed for your idea only.

Multi-cloud: Run your social networking website on any public cloud, including AWS, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba Cloud. Access all of them from one account – Cloud One and you’ll make huge savings.

Aftercare: Stay fresh forever. Studio One, our aftercare service helps you keep your software products updated. We fix bugs, outdated code and third-party plugins, before you even realise there’s an issue.

Social network website design
6 Steps to build your social networking website

It’s easy to get started with our no-code website builder. Here’s how.

  1. Decide on your type of software: What kind of software product do you want to build with us? Whether it’s a mobile app, a desktop app, a web app, or something else – we’d suggest ‘web app’ for this.
  2. Choose the most similar social network to your idea: Is yours a new kind of Facebook, Badoo or Instagram? Click on the app most similar to your idea and this will save time spec’ing your project. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to pick, we can help!
  3. Select the features you want: Go with the auto-suggestion from our AI-powered library of features for your social networking website, or add any custom ones you want in your platform.  
  4. Pick the launch platform: We offer iOS, Android, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac), web or wearables. Go with web for your social networking website.
  5. Select your team and delivery time: Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time (how quickly you want your social network developed).
  6. Launch it: Once you’re ready to unleash your social network, we’ll help you prepare for a successful launch.
Social network website design
Must-have features for your social media platform

Internet-based social networking services (SNS) facilitating networking have been around for many years but recently, they’ve become embedded into people’s lives. Building a robust and feature-packed platform is the key to success and survival in this very dynamic and competitive world. Before you start building your own social networking platform, let’s have a look at what features and characteristics your SNS should include.

Virtual identity/digital personas

  1. Login
  2. Profile building
  3. Customisation of profile
  4. Control the degree of publicity of profile
  5. Status updates
  6. Blocking unwanted links

Network building

  1. Friend suggestion
  2. New friend alerts
  3. Interest-based groups
  4. Import contacts
  5. Forums
  6. Search engine

Network maintenance

  1. Friend / Unfriend 
  2. Exit groups
  3. Block people
  4. Connect to other platforms
  5. Profile change timeline 
  6. Alerts – email, SMS, push notifications and RSS feed


  1. Chat
  2. Like, share, mention and comment
  3. Poke
  4. Activity alerts
  5. Forums

User generated content

  1. Upload video
  2. Create video
  3. Upload images 
  4. Blog, status and articles
  5. Quizzes, events and polls


  1. Content privacy 
  2. Profile privacy
  3. Account deletion 
  4. Change or deletion of contact information
  5. Opportunities to report group, content or profile
Social networking site
Why build yours today?

If you can conceive it you can achieve it. Combine your idea with the fast, reliable power of Builder Studio and those words are very true. If you’ve got an idea that you think can change the world or solve a problem, let’s get started and build that idea. Now let’s come to the figures and business opportunities social networking platforms have. 

According to Statista, an analytics company, in 2019, internet users spent an average of 144 minutes a day on social networking platforms, which resulted in Facebook's annual revenue of $70.7 billion US dollars. The numbers show the business potential in itself. There are hundreds of social networking platforms operating already, many will be witnessed in the coming years. You could be one of those who add something new to this dynamic industry. So, what are you waiting for? If you got an idea. Start building that idea now!

Social networking site design

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