Build your MVP for just $10k!

As part of Microsoft for Startups, you’ve been selected to participate in a special offer. For just $10k, you can build your MVP which will include 15 features of your choice - helping you turn your dreams into reality.

e-commerce app screens
Builder Studio dashboard with available development platforms

Code you can rely on

Rigorous testing – means everything just works

If you’re already doing five people’s jobs – managing a technical project adds a big strain. Our reliable process should help. First, automatic code analysis tools pick up any simple mistakes – to improve the quality and security of your code. Then it’s rechecked by humans, who don’t have to waste time on typos but can concentrate on making your app more engaging.

Builder Studio dashboard with available development platforms

You’re completely in control

Track, pause or get support, anytime

Keep a close eye on exactly how your app is progressing, through a simple dashboard. Make changes to your app (or add any extra features) whenever you like. You can even pause your project at the click of a button. And you can chat to an expert 24/7.

"I have worked for more than 25 years in digital on hundreds of projects. You are one of the most professional teams I have met.”
Zik Truck