Discussing leadership in uncertain times with Global Director of People,  Lorraine O’Keeffe

We sat down with Lorraine to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, acing remote working, the art of prioritisation, leadership and lots more.

Builder Fam advice: Our must-know useful remote working hacks you should try today

Want to master working from home? We've learned how to do it well. Find our hacks here.

Builder Fam: Meet our Head of Enterprise European Sales, Graeme Lipschitz

Find inspiration to become a great leader in uncertain times here.

Builder Fam: Meet our Head of Growth, Otto Szoke

Curious how we approach growth & data analytics? Learn more here.

5 keys to success when you're working remotely

Everyone’s talking about it, right now. Can you make it work?

How to build a great engineering team

Tips on building the best and brightest tech team around.

New Year, new faces: meet our latest hires

Meet the new team members who have joined our global family.

Meet Builder’s Head of Design, Tom Fenby

A creative in the tech world, Tom shares his industry insights.

Tech made easy: software development explained in 140 characters

What is software development? Or, what is it to you as a developer, manager or stakeholder? To answer this, we’ve added our thoughts to a tweet for you social media friendly Builders.

Builder makes the list of 2019's Fastest Growing Companies

A day in the life of a software developer

If you’ve heard of our Builder Capacity Partner program, then you…

From SaaS to Studio: 3 reasons to make the switch

In pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and challenging the status quo, we sought to identify what it was about the traditional method of software development, that is via a SAAS or agency, that was resulting in so many unfulfilled dreams.

Words from Our Wizard: Holiday Updates from Sachin Dev Duggal

In addition to an exciting event schedule, this fall and winter has also been a season of notable updates and important accomplishments.

This #WomensEqualityDay, meet the females forces empowering Builder

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight how much we’ve gained by having a diverse, inclusive team including women leaders, and what inspires them to grow and continue to achieve.

A little bit about AI (and more, straight from Builder's mouth!)

Unless you’re engrossed in this crazy industry already, understanding exactly what Builder.ai does from a product perspective can be difficult, especially as AI has become a wider used adjective for anything autonomous. Here's help.

A Midsummer Night's Trial

This letter is straight from the founder and CEO, Sachin Dev Duggal.

Find Entrepreneurial Inspiration in 15 Minutes

We often have a picture of entrepreneurs as endless fountains

Why We're Proud to Partner With Talentful

Talenful believes that talented people can achieve anything if they’re matched with the right culture and team. We believe anyone with an idea and a dream should be able to build it without breaking the bank.

Now with 75,000 creators in our Capacity Partner Network

After announcing our $29.5mn Series A in November 2018 at Web Summit, and alongside explosive growth, we're also gearing up to create even more amazing apps with knowledgable help from our network of creators.

Builder Takes to Collision Conference 2019 in Toronto

All About Our 75,000 Member Strong Capacity Network

After announcing our $29.5mn Series A in November 2018 at Web Summit, and alongside explosive growth, we're also gearing up to create even more amazing apps with knowledgable help from our network of creators.

10 Inspiring Podcasts For the Entrepreneur in All of Us

One of the best ways to learn and grow is through listening.

Meet the Newest Builders on The Block

At Builder, growth exhilarates us. Especially when it means welcoming new Builders onto our global teams!

5 Killer Tips for Agile Project Management from our Product Experts

Some of the challenges keeping our CPEs on their toes is maintaining the pace of the project, managing resources and controlling the budget to achieve their software launch deadline.

Introducing Builder Now

Maybe you saw on our social media channels, but we launched Builder Now officially at Slush 2019 in Helsinki!

How to Cloud-Proof Your Business (With a Plan)

Using Builder Cloud, we’ve seen countless businesses globally use their digital transformation as a springboard for growth.

4 Steps to Creating Your App With Builder

3 Ways Builder Celebrated Diwali 2019, The Festival of Lights

How our Builder office in India celebrated the occasion.

Tackling Technical Debt With Engineering Lead, Tooraj Helmi

We spoke to Tooraj about the idea itself, his approach, and everything else audiences need to know.

Talking All Things AI with VP of Intelligent Systems, Siddhartha Ghosh, PhD

Getting to know the expertise of our VP of Intelligent Systems.

Inside the Hive: Breaking Down the Builder Capacity Partner Program

This is the crux of our Builder Capacity Partner program. And in case you didn’t know about it already, here's a breakdown for you, Builders!

Here's How to Build a Successful MVP

When done correctly, an MVP can give users a clear understanding what and how your product benefits their needs. Read on and avoid making common blunders.

Top Time Management Skills All Engineers Should Have

For an engineer it is important to keep your business functional by adopting strong time management practices.

How to Make Your Project, "Wow!" With Business Model Canvas

Whether you’re starting a new business or giving your existing business model a second look, it’s imperative to have a clear vision of where you are and where you’re headed.

4 Secrets to a Successful Product Launch

Every Builder has their day...it's time to go live. Let's launch!

Word from our Wizard: How We Secured One of Europe’s Largest $29.5M Series A Rounds

Our Series A funding is official. Here's the story.

10 Tips for Selling Your Business with a Killer Pitch

Your idea is good on paper, but can it wow the crowd in a pitch?

10 Signs You're Destined to be an Entrepreneur

#BuilderGeneration is about embracing that entrepreneurial spirit!

Words from Our Wizard: Looking Ahead to 2018

A bit about the year ahead from founder Sachin Dev Duggal.

4 Rules for Effective Communication Between Global Teams

How to complete a project with teams across multiple time zones.

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