All About Our 75,000 Member Strong Capacity Network

Like we've mentioned before, we're growing like an active rocket ship--and we're hiring globally! We would really enjoy talking to you if you're interested in joining our rocket ship--including in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Gurugram and Gurgaon, as well as remotely.

Yes, we're growing.

It's not just that we gained our $29.5mn Series A in November 2018 at Web Summit from Lakestar, Jungle Ventures and Softbank's DeepCore. We're a unique tech startup because we're not just accepting funding. We're also profitable--assisting our numerous, highly satisfied clients across the globe.Indeed, with our explosive growth, we're gearing up to create even more amazing software with knowledgable help from our network of Creators (powered by our Capacity Partner Network). So we wanted to explain more about the humans building our clients passionate software ideas. And let's not forget about our cloud management available through BuilderCloud.

Our 75,000 Creators help make it happen.

Our Founder & Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal, recently won the Tech 25 Class of 2019 award. With it, Entrepreneur created a video highlighting the progressive growth we've seen at Builder (formerly as you'll see below). Check out the video via LinkedIn below.

Here, Sachin includes updates about he'll also do on the Collision 2019 Growthummit stage. The [above] video also highlights our network of now 75,000 creators in our Capacity Partner network globally.

Who are our Creators?

Engineers/ Developers (think: Front End Developer, Back End Developer as well as Web, Mobile and Desktop Developers and additionally, DevOps Developers)- Designers (think: Graphic and Visual Designers, Interaction Designer, User Interface as well as User Experience Designers)- Q/A (think: Software Quality Assurance Tester)

Who are our 132 Capacity Partners or, "Dev Shops"?

We call our Capacity Partner network members, "Dev Shops." These are agencies who've signed onto our network. In all timezones across the world, these Capacity Partners provide us the resources in order to scale both Builder and Builder Cloud development at a moments' notice.Currently, we have 132 global, "Dev Shops" to help you execute on a moments' notice. From software development to cloud management, our Capacity Partner Network helps us scale as quickly as our clients need.Our busy Capacity Partner team is actively searching for new partners. Would you like to join our Capacity Partner network? We'd welcome you to get in touch with our Capacity Partnership team directly via our Partnership page. Would you like to become a partner? We'd really like to talk with you!

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